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“Anyone can be Photogenic, it is a skill that can be taught “

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Bradkay Photographix has built their reputation around delivering service & quality.  Not only do they produce smart, timely, professional quality Imagery but they have the service systems in place to make sure that your deadlines are met with a minimum of fuss.

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Websites with professional quality Imagery on their sites have an 85% better click through rate than sites without.  If you are a smart savvy business operator, can you afford not to use professional Imagery on your front page ?  Statistics show that people spend an average of 3 seconds assessing your front page to decide if they will click through and stay on your site.  How does your bounce rate look ?  Do you find that people are coming to your site but then hitting the “back” button in just a few seconds? Professional Images from Bradkay Photographix Gold Coast could be the answer that keeps people on your site and helps them mark you as a professional that they would like to do business with.


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Bradkay Photographix has the reputation as one of the best Headshot Photographers in Australia and is now shooting Headshots in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne along with continuing to run his studio on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

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Headshots have become a requirement not an option in todays Business market and through his website ” The Headshot Guys” Brad has become one of the leading authorities in Corporate Headshots.  His ability to be able to give clients the tools & impart the information required for Business people to look fantastic, in not only the session they do with Brad but, anytime a camera is pointed at them.  Brad leads you through a session that encourages, delights and more importantly arms you with the best Headshots you have ever had.

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Bradkay Photographix Gold Coast shoots Commercial Buildings, Architecture, Headshots, Products & Food.

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