Risky Wedding Poses

Apart from your glorious wedding dress, if there’s one thing not to overlook on your wedding day, it has to be your wedding photos. They are what you will have to treasure many years long after the wedding bells have stopped ringing.

The idea is to capture the emotions of the bride and groom and wedding party and the atmosphere of the special day in a unique way.

Some of the best photography poses in weddings are those captured candid moments. With so many people and so many things going on at a wedding, it is the skill of a professional wedding photographer’s which will capture varied moments and expressions.

These days a lot of bride and grooms decide to spice things up from traditional photographs. The bride and groom choose to pose in more risky situations, with guests yielding interesting expressions and moments to be captured.

When it comes to weddings, no album is complete without a certain number of styled posed shots. The dress hanging up, the groomsmen looking sharp and the close ups of hands wearing wedding rings.

These days’ couples choose to skip the stereotypical bridal party photos, such as the one of the entire bridal party looking at the bride and groom kissing, and especially the photo in which the groomsmen hold the bride sideways. Instead they choose some poses that may not be to the taste of everyone. Made popular on pinterest, the new phenomenon revels in bridesmaids with their dresses tucked into their underwear, showing off their behinds for the camera.

While fun on the day these photographs won’t be the taste of some of your family and friends or could become a regret by everyone involved in years to come. Wedding photographs really should be about capturing a couple’s love for each other.

Fun, classy poses make everyone feel more relaxed, and you are certain to end up with a wedding album full of awesome pictures. Fun, relaxed, playful photos with your bridal party will display the happiness and excitement of the day.

bride & groom on the beach holding hands bride & groom kissing unders lovers lane sign

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