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Portrait photography is simply photography that focuses on the face of a subject. While the whole form may be included, the face and facial expression are the most important parts of the image. This can apply to both people and animals. Regardless of what your portrait subject, here are some tips that will help make your portraits shine.

A good portrait will contain at least one element that reveals the true personality, attitude, unique mannerisms or any of the features or traits that form the individual of someone.

So how does a gold coast photographer capture a good portrait? Below are some tips and tricks.

Photograph the subject in their native environment. Some people don’t belong in a studio. They feel awkward and it shows in the camera. Instead of forcing someone into a photo studio, let them go somewhere they love and it will show in the finished product. BradKay Photographix can work on location to capture your true essence in a unique headshot.

Background factor. The background plays a vital role to a portrait. Sometimes surroundings may need to be considered to bring out the personality of the subject. A portrait is all about the face, so it is important to have a background which is not interfacing with the subject. A simple and less cluttered background works best for a portrait however; sometimes surroundings may need to be considered to bring out the personality of the subject.

The right angle and pose: Pose and angle of the body and face plays a key role too. Looking straight ahead to the camera with motionless expression can be very boring. Flare up the portraits with a twist. It could be an inviting smile, a sexy expression, a flamboyant look, tilting the chin down or up, turning the head back whilst you walk forward. Experiment with a pose to get a great portrait.

Being comfortable: For a portrait to look natural and in order to bring out the true personality of your subject, you must make the subject comfortable and easy. Make sure you spend time with the subject before starting the shoot in order to know him/her.

High or Low: taking a portrait isn’t always shooting at eye level. Positioning the camera high or low while keeping the focus on the eyes brings out interesting features and adds different flavors to the portrait. Sitting, standing, climbing a ladder or stairs are some good and creative options.

These are just a few tips and tricks to taking a great portrait. BradKay Photographix can assist you in taking a brilliant Portrait. Take a look at our Portfolio.

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